Underfloor Heating

All prices include Vat.
There are many systems on the market and unless you are an expert it is dificult to choose one from another. This is a quality guide to what to look for.

The product should have a recognised safety mark not just the CE mark.

Our products have the recognised safety standards by LGA - dont take a chance on what seems like a bargain - it rarely is.

Our heating cables are all manufactured in Ireland. The cables are manufactured to meet the underfloor heating standard EN60335-2-96.  The cables are subjected to continuous testing throughout the manufacturing process and the factories are subjected to regular external quality audits.

The manufacturing process involves twining a multi-strand heating cable with nylon, then having the insulation extruded around it and tested by a 5000V spark test. If there is any slight deformation the machine will stop. This ensures the products are 100% accurate every time.

Cheaper products are cheaper for a reason , single strand brittle heating cable , poor quality insulation and dangerous connection cables are what our technicians have found when testing so called "bargain" products.
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