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Indoors/Outdoors Porcelain Tiles

Inside/Outside Porcelain tiles.
There are two types of porcelain tiles for use for the outside:-

10 - 11mm thick tiles.
Conventional thickness of 10-11mm. These tiles are non porous and resistant to UV light degradation and have a high impact resistance.
These tiles must be fixed to the substrate in the standard fixing method of Polymer enhanced tile adhesive specifically designed to fix porcelain tiles. These tiles when fixed conventionally should be grouted.
The tiles used preferably should have a R11 A + B anti slip rating. This is the only rating that Acorn Tiles reccomends for outside use and will prevent accidents. The  "R" rating is the International standard for slip measuring. Tiles can be treated with anti slip liquids that will provide an enhanced anti slip regime.

20mm thick tiles.
These 20mm porcelain tiles are made for use outside. They can be conventionally fixed as above but can also be laid loose on soft sand, grass or shingle. They do not need to be fixed as the weight holds them in place. they can also be fixed on raised feet for both drainage and service laying purposes.
The tiles used once again should preferabley be R11 A+ B anti slip rating.
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