The following photos are of completed installations using our material.

No studio shots just real rooms.

White earth porcelain 60 x 30cm with Noce marble and diamond glass border.

White earth porcelain with noce marble and diamond glass border.

Polished sunrise porcelain 60 x 30cm with travertine fingers mosaic.

Polished sunrise porcelain with travertine finger mosaic.

Travertine 60 x 40cm and travertine finger mosaics.

Natural Stone Porcelain Tile 50 x 50cm.

Stainless steel mosaics 50 x 50mm

Light slate 60 x 30cm porcelain tiles.

Blue wave glass with white ceramic wall tiles.

15 x 15mm blue diamond mosaic mix with 24 x 24mm blue wave border.

Closer detail of the pool tiling.

Botticino and noce 15 x 15mm mosaic in Jacuzzi.

Clever tiling inside the spa.

Light beige 60 x 30cm porcelain with chocolate porcelain mosaics 50 x 50mm

Closer detail of the light beige and chocolate porcelain

Semi polished metallic bronze porcelain.

Stainless steel mosaics

Saltwash grey porcelain tiles (special order 60 x 30cm)

Bluestone natural Basalt tiles.

Bluestone Natural Basalt Tiles.

Earthstone porcelain tiles.