Outdoors 20mm porcelain tiles

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Inside/Outside Porcelain tiles.

£29.95 M2 including vat. (£24.95 exc. vat.)

Priced to be the most competitive on the UK web.

All tiles guaranteed for life against manufacturing faults.

The 20 mm porcelain tile is an innovative solution that is versatile due to its technical characteristics and offers an alternative solution for outdoor use. Superior mechanical strength. (20mm breaking strength is > 11000N (Newtons) compared to 2500N for a 10mm thickness). 

20mm thick tiles.
These 20mm porcelain tiles are made for use outside. They can be conventionally fixed,  but can also be laid loose on soft sand, grass or shingle. They do not need to be fixed as the weight holds them in place. they can also be fixed on raised feet for both drainage and service laying purposes.
The tiles used once again should preferably be R11 A+ B anti slip rating.
If you require any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. 01442 252560 

All sizes quoted are nominal, a slight variance may exist between mat and polished tiles, Inside and outside and rectified and non rectified tiles. The differences are small ie 1 - 5mm but when abutted to each other would be obvious.

All our tiles are European made to exacting standards, 

We will continue to be the most competitive priced 20mm European tiles in the UK.