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Porcelain and Shell Tiles- The Tough Beauty




Tiles are considered to be delicate and high maintenance decorative items and are commonly used only for the more sophisticated areas of our homes like living rooms, halls and bedrooms. However, it is interesting to note that a couple of varieties - porcelain and shell, are durable enough for not only the sophisticated areas of our homes but other parts like kitchen and bathroom. In fact, why restrict yourself to decorating your home; you can even use these tiles to furbish your factories which are an epitome of places with harsh environment all round the day. Yes, impossible as it may seem, porcelain and shell tiles are two of the toughest varieties of tiles, which can effectively resist high temperatures, moisture and smoke for years at a stretch and still retain their beauty and luster. Their hardness is unbelievable too that gives you the luxury to adopt a little care-free attitude while handling them.


What’s more, you hardly need to put any special efforts for their maintenance. They are stain resistant and have an everlasting shine, needing very less cleaning sessions on your part. They would keep looking brand new forever and impart the same virtue to the walls and floors of your factories or kitchens and bathrooms at your home. 


Now, if you are only restraining yourself from adorning the remaining parts of your house or your factory because you find shell and porcelain tiles too expensive at the local stores near you, forget about purchasing them from the retail stores. There are a number of tile stores on the Internet that provide you with not only surprisingly low prices but also the advantage of easy shopping and home delivery. In addition, they have a much larger stock and a greater number of varieties in both shell and porcelain. The quality too is top notch. Every tile is handcrafted by the best of the artists of the world, encompassing a unique pattern and amazing finish on the surface.


One of the names that always come to mind while talking about online stores for tiles is Acorn Tiles. It has a large and varied stock of not only porcelain and shell but also ceramic, glass, mosaic, granite and marble tiles and that too at unbeatable prices. In fact, the prices of its products are so low that Acorn Tiles is rapidly becoming one of the largest distributors of floor and wall tiles in the whole of the UK. If you want to know a little more about it and check out its collections, you can log on to