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Underfloor Heating Mat. 2.5m2

Underfloor Heating  Mat. 2.5m2
Underfloor Heating  Mat. 2.5m2
Underfloor Heating  Mat. 2.5m2
Underfloor Heating  Mat. 2.5m2
Underfloor Heating  Mat. 2.5m2
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1m2 £72.00
200 watts per M2 sticky backed mat.
There is a reason architects and interior designers avoid radiators wherever possible. They are widely considered unsightly and
inefficient, taking up valuable wall space and incurring expensive maintenance costs. The amount of heat energy wasted in the pipes is also substantial..
This system can be up to 100% efficient at the point of use meaning that 100% of the heat energy created is radiated up through the floor into the room.
With this system there is no need to worry about the position of a radiator leaving you free to use 100% of the space the way you want.
10 year guarantee.
Under-floor heating systems are covered by our lifetime guarantee. The technical support team are here to help you with any queries during installation through to programming your thermostat and getting the most out of life with a Under-floor heating system.
Fast response and zoned controls.
When installed correctly (with over screed insulation) the system will take around 20 - 30 minutes to reach the the desired floor temperature. This is much faster than a wet under-floor heating system and the option for zonal
controlgives you the flexibility to only heat the rooms your using, saving you energy and money.
Economical running costs.
A 150w/m2 Mat uses less energy per M2 than two 100W light bulbs. A 2m2 system depending on your tariff in a well insulated bathroom would cost approximately 4p per hour.

Comfortableeven heat.
A traditional radiator system uses convection to heat a room resulting in drafts and a higher temperature at the top of the room and a low temperature at floor level, overheating the top of the room makes you feel uncomfortable and stuffy while wasting a lot of heat energy. Under-floor heating gently warms your room, at a
relativelylow temperature, from the floor up resulting in an even spread of heat throughout the room and a more comfortablefeeling for everyone.

​​​​​​​Delivery is £9.95 per mat.


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